Tasica Workflow in Retail

One of the key challenges in today’s retail industry is ensuring a smooth and effective channel of communication within and between corporate headquarters and retail locations. With this vital lifeline of information, retail infrastructures such as operational efficiency, distributor relationships and customer satisfaction work together to provide a successful operation. In order to guarantee that these relationships work smoothly and are cost effective, retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitality and other customer- centric organizations can use Tasica Workflow to quickly and reliably communicate.

Tasica Workflow solutions allow retail to reduce costs of manual workflow, paper-based forms and IT resources. Corporate wide processes, internal departments and geographically disperse retail locations can benefit from one unified system to manage and monitor role-based tasks, action items, approvals and information in real time. Using Tasica Workflow for web based self-service applications can also reduce human data entry and human error to improve cost efficiency and accuracy for processes such as supply chain management and inventory systems. Tasica Workflow can also improve productivity and quicken decision making with a reduction in form and workflow processing time.

With Tasica Workflow’s out-of-the box monitoring and extended real-time data-centric workflow and database reporting with Tasica Dynamic Reports, managers and c-level executives can easily view real-time data for business intelligence and data mining. Inefficiencies seen in workflow monitoring are easily and quickly fixed in the point and click, drag and drop workflow design environment built for non-technical users.

Tasica Workflow Solutions for Retail

  • Franchise Management Systems – Collaboration with franchisees, Offering/Promotions updates, Franchisees registration systems
  • Supply Chain Management – Planning, Forecasting, Execution, Inventory, Distributor relations, Customer relations
  • Point of Sale Transactions – Kiosk and in-store customer self-service, Online Catalogs
  • Customer Relationship Management – Customer retention tracking, Customer satisfaction
  • Business Intelligence – Sales, Marketing, General business analysis
  • Marketing/Advertising – Campaign Management, Promotion Tracking, Store Event Management
  • Human Resources – Employee management, Expense reporting
  • Accounting – Procurement Approvals, Auditing, SOX Compliancy

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