Tasica Workflow and Government Applications

Tasica Workflow and Government Applications

Government agencies consistently work hard to improve the condition of living for their citizens. All levels of government agencies, however, face limited budgets. In order to continue to support their growing numbers of citizens and stakeholders they need to advance their electronic working environment with less paper, fewer administrative delays, and fewer redundant work tasks. By converting paper-based forms to electronic business process automation applications, government agencies can process forms more efficiently, achieve cost savings, support environmental initiatives and exceed the expectation of their online public.

Tasica Workflow solutions can improve governmental processes with a unified solution for electronic automation of paper forms, manual workflow and real-time reporting. Tasica Workflow gives the ability to create highly secure and accurate processes such as economic analysis reports, grants and loan requests, environmental regulation and public sector services. By using Tasica Workflow for human-centric workflow management and monitoring, government entities can ensure accuracy, and proper flow of information to those who need it in real-time.

Find even more value by applying Tasica Workflow solutions in a secure and efficient portal environment. One single point of access for all of the vital applications and processes can aid your citizens, employees and partners to conduct business and promote an environmentally conscious effort to improve communication and lower cost.

Tasica Workflow Solutions for Government

  • Federal Government Public Sector – Economic Analysis Reporting, Federal Grants and Loans Request, Contract Bids
  • State and Local Gov. Public Sector – Land Records, Business Management Systems, City Planning, Citizen Licenses – Marriage, Pets, Construction/Traffic Announcements, Donation Management
  • Regulation Monitoring – Sarbanes-Oaxley Compliancy Reporting, Environment, Housing, Food and Drug, Immigration Processing
  • Public Safety – Emergency Response, Relief Aid Tracking
  • Judicial Systems – Citizen Online Check-In, Jury Duty Processing, Claims processing
  • Military Programs – Supplies Ordering, Asset Tracking
  • Human Resources – Employee management, Expense reporting
  • Accounting – Procurement Approvals, Auditing
  • General Business – Staff Management, Resource Scheduling

Contact an Alphalogix representative today to learn how Tasica business process automation solutions can help your organization to create web-based self-service applications that fit your needs.

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