General Business

Tasica Workflow and General Business Applications

Every business or organization has key elements vital to their daily operations. Without efficient and effective management and monitoring, these elements could easily falter. Tasica Workflow solutions provide the best way to optimize your business’ core departments: Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. Whether it is routing an Accounting procurement request or automating a Human Resources employee management system, Tasica Workflow can aid in creating a unified system for all of your business processes.

Tasica Workflow’s human-centric workflow applications can automate electronic forms and eforms information in order to help reduce operational costs, corporate carbon footprint and overcrowded email files. Managing action items and tasks from one single application eliminates lengthy processing time, misplaced paper forms and inaccurate data entry. Workflow monitoring and extended reporting with Tasica provides managerial employees insight to the health of workflow operations as well as data gathered in business operations.

Tasica Workflow solutions can integrate your daily processes with your pre-existing solutions, databases and directories for end to end solutions. Integrating Tasica Workflow into an enterprise portal provides excellent value for your operation. Accessing your Tasica Workflow action items, tasks and reports in a portal environment provides your employees a single point of access for role-based applications and collaboration tools.

Tasica Workflow Solutions for General Business

  • Human Resources – Employee Management, Time Off Request, Talent Management, Employee Training, and more
  • Accounting – Expense Reporting, Office Supply Procurement, Billing Systems and more
  • Sales and Customer Relations – Request for Proposals, Proposal Templates, Forecasting Systems, Customer Maintenance and Support Tracking, Customer Surveys and more
  • Marketing – Advertising and Press Distribution, Event Registration, Campaign Management and more
  • Information Technology – PMO, Help Desk, Equipment Purchasing Processing and more

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